• Share The Light Candle Company

Our Story

Share the Light Candle company is a Canadian based candle and accessories company that was founded by Lorraine Mooney. In 2014, Lorraine’s husband Bill , was working in a remote area of Uganda and asked the local Community Liaison Officer where he could help or what was needed in the area?  With 15 schools in the district and over 600 children going to school, she responded – “the schools need books”.  Returning to Canada, the Mooney family gathered over 4000 books and delivered them to rural Ugandan schools. The response was overwhelming by the parents, teachers and students in the area. 

Upon learning that the children love reading the books -but have trouble studying at night due to the lack of electricity, Lorraine decided to make and sell candles then use profits to subsidize solar lanterns for children in remote places around the world.
Share the Light Candle Company is doing just that – "sharing the light", and thanks to all who buy our candles , they too are helping us "light up the world", one candle at a time.

Candles for Solar Lanterns

According to World Health Organization, over 1.6 billion people around the globe do not have access to electricity.  Having solar lighting brings much joy into the homes in areas that electricity is not readily available, giving people the joy of reading, sharing, studying and just conversation without the use of charcoal or toxic fuels in their homes.

Pairing with our partners, Share the Light Candle Company provides solar lanterns for school aged children in remote areas around the globe. Presently, we have partnered with The Nancy Crooks Foundation in Kenya to distribute solar lanterns in areas that they working in.   

Thank you for purchasing a Share the Light candle. Each purchase has helped a child receive a solar lantern, and you are helping us reach our goal of ‘lighting up the world’ one candle at a time.

"In this world of darkness, so we must shine, you in your corner and I in mine"

S Warner 1819-1885